Saturday, July 03, 2004

Basic ingredients for non-toxic home cleaners

From Natural Home Magazine and Eco-Cycle:

- Baking soda: Cleans and deodorizes. Good scouring powder. Good for removing scuffs off floor.

- Borax (available in laundry section of grocery store): Good disinfectant and deodorizer.

- Soap (sold as liquid, flakes, powder or in bars): Biodegrades safely and is non-toxic.

- White vinegar: Cuts grease and soap build-up, absorbs odors.

- Club soda: Good for window cleaner, shining fixtures, cleaning plants.

- Tea tree oil: Natural antimicrobial, good in toilet bowl or to get rid of mold.

- Olive oil: Good for furniture polish.

- Lavendar, peppermint: Disinfectant, natural fragrance.

- Salt, mixed with water: Destroys bacteria.

- Baking soda with vinegar rinse: For stainless steel


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