Friday, July 16, 2004

The Station Agent

 I was impressed with The Station Agent. I was even more impressed when I read that it was McCarthy's first screenplay. He definitely gets the award for the most well-rounded dwarf character in moviedom. But the best part of the movie is that it's really not about being too short--it's about trains. And movement. And freedom. Escape...wanting to go somewhere else (anywhere else!) and finding out that once you get there, it's very similar to the place you were running from.
But everyone knows that trains (like blimps) are intrinsically cool. Your first flattened penny after the train rushes by. The sound of a train in the distance. Waving to the conductor. My grandparents had a flea market-type shop in Mobile called The Whistle Stop, because it was right next to the train tracks. I rented a house right across train tracks for years in Gulfport. This movie made me want to go walk the tracks at night again.
But I think I've been watching too much Trading Spaces because every time I looked at the train station I kept thinking, "Hey, that would be a cool place if he'd just fix it up a little." And I kept imagining Olivia's paintings in my living room.


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