Thursday, September 30, 2004

Halloween heroes

In October, you can turn your family's trick-or-treating time into more than just a candy-gathering mission. Collect monetary donations for UNICEF and help provide clean water, nutrition, health and education to needy children in 158 countries around the globe. Go to for more information. Or help give the gift of sight by collecting old eyeglasses for people in need in developing countries while you gather your goodies. Go to to learn more about the program and to download collection materials such as door hangers, brochures, flyers and stickers.


Blogger RadioActive Ray said...

Nice informative blog!

I had a question about unicef-usa. How is this different from Why do we have this as a separate entity? Can I trust them to use my funds properly. I was about to make a donation to unicef when I realized this. Can you pl educate me about unicef-usa? Thanks! You can email me from my blog.

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