Friday, September 17, 2004

Lea household assessed damage after Hurricane Ivan

Our evacuees have vacated back to their homes this morning. But last night we had to have a big get-together to cook all of the fish that would have defrosted in an Ocean Springs freezer with no power. We had too many kids and too many adults at our house last night and it definitely looks like a hurricane hit it, but we have the weekend to recover. Chef Steve offered us a variety of delicacies...redfish, snapper, cobia, oysters...fried, grilled, marinated and baked and, my personal favorite...topped with an olive dressing (think muffaletta stuff on top of fish!). We just added baked beans, coleslaw and three loaves of Gambino's French Garlic bread and invited all friends. (And we'll still be eating leftovers all was a LOT of fish.)

Ashley also had a make-shift fifth birthday party, which was supposed to happen in Ocean Springs on Saturday but got moved to last night at my house. Instead of her usual birthday cake I make her, we had to suffice with a big cookie from Kroger's. (I did write "Happy Birthday Princess Ashley" on there though!) Happy Birthday, Ashley! And let's hope none of the rest of the parties are interrupted by hurricanes.


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