Sunday, September 26, 2004

Secret Window

I think the critics were way too kind on this one. The actors all did a fair job and the writing was was the damn plot that was unbelievable.

First, I was mad about the John Turturro, over-the-top dairy farmer bit. Then when I found out the Mississippi "shit-spat" redneck was just a figment of a blocked writer's imagination, I was just mad. Turturro comes across as a retarded Faulkner a hoe-short of a row.

I was first on a rant about the always asinine portrayal of Mississippians in film...we're either ignorant or shoeless or prejudiced (and of course, ALWAYS, sweating). (Times have changed since air conditioners, folks, believe me.)

The irony lies in the fact that a movie that ends with the last lines saying it doesn't matter about the story, the beauty is always in the ending has an extremely sucky ending. Somehow we are to believe that Depp killed all of these people with nothing to trace him to the bodies whatsoever.


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