Thursday, September 30, 2004

When you look at your life in pictures, it looks messier. (I'm sure it's just the perspective from the floor!) What you see here: a picture of my best friend and I from a long, long time ago (in hats); my son's T-ball attitude picture; his fuzzy baseball chicken (more on that at a later date); PRism Awards from the Public Relations Association of Mississippi; various other pictures of my son; a picture of my husband with a mess of catfish we caught while camping on the Pearl River; a picture of Quentin and I after the Christmas fracas a few years ago; my ID badge from ASAE Hawaii last year; a fake fish tank that I don't run because it's too noisy (which was a not-well-thought-out gift from my husband to my son when he was too and thus ended up at my office) and extra lightbulbs on top of the fish tank because I cannot stand overhead fluorescent light and have lamps all over my office. Posted by Hello


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