Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Women don't "buy" for power on Oct. 19...I guess

Link - What would happen to America's economy if women stopped shopping for a day?
Well, 85 Broads, a network of former women investment bankers (whose old
address was 85 Broad Street), wants to know. So they're encouraging women
across the country to keep their pocketbooks closed on October 19th (four
weeks from today, still plenty of time to stock up!) to illustrate how the
purchasing power of women doesn't reflect the representation of women in
the workplace. The call-to-action is underscored by some of these
economy-driving statistics:

* Women control $3.3 trillion in annual consumer spending
* Women make 62% of all car purchases
* Women take more than 50% of all business trips
* Women control more than 50% of all the personal wealth in this

And yet:
* Only 6% of CEOs in the Fortune 500 are women
* Only 12.4% of board directors are women
* Only 5.2% of women are among the top earners in the country.
(Source: Catalyst)


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