Saturday, October 30, 2004

Fast Pass vs. Pay Pass

When we went to Orlando at the beginnig of October, we visited Disney World first and read about their Fast Pass system (see article below about the patent blow-up) but never used it. You can only have one fast pass at a time and often have to come back two or more hours later to ride. It just seemed like more of a hassle and one more thing to keep up with.

Towards the end of the week, we went to Universial Studios. They charge $15 each for a pass that puts you at the front of the line. I thought this was absurd. I was horrified - couldn't believe they wanted that much money just to get to the front of the line. No way was I going to pay it. (The tickets were already $60 each just to get in.)

Then I waited in my first line at the Jimmy Neutron ride and watched the pass people walk right to the front of the ride and get on in front of me. I bought a pass right after that. (You can buy them later at stores - I'm guessing for people just like me who they knew would initially react with disgust, then pony up with glee.)

After much thought, I prefer the pay pass. It's capitalism at its finest. You wanna ride first? Pay for it. Everything has a price. If Disney did still this guy's idea...why? They should have stole Universal Studios! Just my two cents...


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There is nothing amazing I guess. Such is lifeā€¦

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