Sunday, October 31, 2004

File under Only in the South...

I'm "inspecting" my son's Halloween candy (a Mom term for making sure the candy is safe and securing all top-quality chocolate that would be wasted on the immature palette of a four-year-old) when I find this pamphlet included from Flowood Baptist Church.

"Costumes are cool but heaven is awesome!" says the front. The inside continues,

Dressing up in costumes, going to fall festivals or ringing neighborhood doorbells is a lot of fun. It is VERY COOL when people are excited to see you and play awesome games with you or give you CANDY.

You have probably never stopped to think about it, but do you know that heaven is even COOLER than this?

It says that all God's children will go to heaven someday and live forever (next to a graphic of a haunted house!?) and Jesus will be waiting for them there. Jesus really loves kids, it continues, but heaven is only for God's children...those who love Jesus. "It is an AWESOME place, but only those who have asked Jesus into their hearts will go there. No one else."

Then they give you the address of the Flowood Baptist Church for more free stuff about Jesus and heaven.

It looks like the booklets were created by ATS, P.O. Box 462008, Garland, TX 75046, 1-866-782-7927, For orders, catalogs and samples, call 1-800-54-TRACT or visit

Only in the South...


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