Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Politics of Poop

I'm enjoying my nightly evening walk with my black Lab and while she takes a potty break, I hear a deep voice coming from a porch saying, "You could clean that up!" He doesn't stay to discuss it further but goes inside immediately. It was an interesting encounter in the dark with a new neighbor that I am obviously not going to be best friends with by Christmas.

But as I walked along, I started thinking about it more. And this poop issue can really divide a neighborhood. I'll be honest...there are no "pooper-scooper" laws in Jackson and I really don't fancy the thought of walking my two miles with a bag of shit in my hand. If it was the law, I guess I would have to comply, but this is a large neighborhood with a lot of dogs and it seems the neighbors that don't have dogs are getting a little irate with us that do.

When the first poop complaints surfaced about a year ago, I suggested, as leader/organizer/newsletter writer/sole provider of the Forest Park Neighborhood Association, that we purchase little signs to mark "Pet Stops" in the yards that had pets and didn't care if pets "stopped" there. (I even had designed the signs with the little racing flags and a Pet Stop logo.) Everyone laughed at me. There's no need for that - it's not that bad, they said. But it is.

Cats don't cause this much furor. Cats walk around all over our neighborhood and I'm sure crap in yards too. Nobody's yelling.

But in a neighborhood where Kerry/Edwards, Bush/Cheney and Nader signs co-exist peacefully on lawns next to each other, neighbors are angry at each other over dog poop. But in my research to assure myself that I was not breaking any city ordinances by not shoveling shit on my walk, I found some interesting reading... - Offering all the scoop on poop (Who knew that 3/4 of the average turd is all water?!)

Poop Report - The intellectual appreciation of poop humor

The Ultimate List of Poop Terms


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