Saturday, November 20, 2004

Off for a parental visit

I'm off to Bay St. Louis on Monday morning for four days/three nights of bonding with parents (and to allow Quentin the same). I don't think I've stayed that long at my parents' house since I lived there, so wish me luck. Anyways, light blogging next week, if at all. (My father has understand.)

But I am bringing my digital videocamera down with me. When I get back I'm going to experiment with posting video clips on my blog. All of the articles make it sound very easy, but we'll see.

It's gloomy and raining here again this weekend, so we'll probably head for the movies this afternoon to see Spongebob. I want to see Polar Express but can't get my husband or son interested in going to see that one. Maybe after turkey next week the holiday spirit will overcome them. Let's hope anyway!


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