Sunday, November 28, 2004

Research group finds Mississippi ranks as the nation's worst state for women

Link - For the fourth time since 1998, Mississippi has been declared the worst state for women by the 2004 Status of Women in the States report, issued by the Institute for Women's Policy Research. Findings include:

- While 74.8 percent of Mississippi women are registered to vote, only 52.5 percent actually voted in 1998 and 2000.

- The median annual earnings for Mississippi women is $7,600 less than for men. While women comprise 54 percent of Mississippi's workforce, only 29.2 percent of managerial or professional jobs are held by women.

- 20.5 percent of Mississippi women don't have health insurance while 20.02 live below the federal poverty level (the worst in the nation).

- Only 16.6 percent of Mississippi women have completed four years or more of college. Only 22.8 percent of the state's businesses are owned by women.

- Mississippi ranked 49th in the country in overall health.

- Mississippi women have the least reproductive rights in the nation.


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