Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Robert Johnson's grave

My lovely co-worker did get a midnight tour to Robert Johnson's grave sealed through The Alluvian, where we are staying for our business trip. Only I don't know which grave we're touring, as it seems there are three and no one is 100 percent sure where his actual remains rest. (This should be an interesting tour.)

My co-workers are joining in the tour in the birthday spirit, but some claim they will not wait till midnight, so the tour might actually be on Dec. 2 instead of midnight, which would be my birthday, Dec. 3. But that reminds me of another thing to add to my 35 Great Things About Turning 35 that I hope to have finished by Saturday (because some of the great things I'm sure I won't actually discover until I am 35...I'm still a young 34 right now).

9. Getting to bed by 10 p.m. is a gift - not an embarrassment.

The Alluvian is owned by the Viking Range Corporation, and our group will have lunch with a lesson at the Viking Cooking School on Friday too. (I can't get believe I get paid for this stuff! But I'm sure I will have oven envy when I leave.)

But I digress. Back to Robert Johnson. In my search for information on his grave, I unearthed some interesting information. It seems that Eric Clapton, who recently released Me and Robert Johnson, his rendition of Johnson's music, is now being accused (like Elvis Presley before him) of stealing the black man's music and getting rich off of it. (This press release was even done before the release of the new album, so I would guess they are doubly mad now.)

Speaking of getting rich, it seems that when Johnson died at 27, supposedly from a poisoned whiskey flask passed by a jealous husband, he had no kin. But, sometime later, relatives out the wazoo all of the sudden (especially when the estate started making money).

Legend has it that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads for his great musical ability, but others say that it's just another "white man myth." Regardless, this kindhearted woman is going to the crossroads and falling down on her knees...from four till late, gonna barrelhouse all night long.


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