Saturday, November 20, 2004

Spousal damage control

After all of the writing that was done on how Terese Heinz Kerry supposedly hurt the Kerry/Edwards campaign, you would think the Democrats would start grooming Bill Clinton early for the supposed Hillary 2008 run. Obviously not.

After playing nice at the grand opening of his library, Bill obviously just couldn't take it anymore and blasted Peter Jennings about how the media has destroyed his reputation. Whether you believe that or not, the fact remains that his rantings, if they continue, won't bode well for Hillary in 2008.

The public doesn't mind remembering good-time Bill who loved blowjobs as much as hamburgers fondly, even if he did lie to us. (Men like that always lie to women. We already know that.) But he needs to let the Kenneth Starr/media conspiracy thing die. By 2008, there will be a generation of reporters who won't vaguely remember how the whole sordid thing played out on the news...unless Bill keeps bringing it up. Hillary...get control of your man, girl! ;)


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