Friday, November 19, 2004

Tis the season...

December is fast approaching - and we all know what that's time to celebrate my birthday season as the treasured day of Dec. 3 approaches. And since this year is the 35th celebration season special observances are in order.

I will have to be out of town on business on my actual birthday, but we are having a girls' night out/birthday celebration to see Bridget Jones in Jackson on Nov. 30 for those of you who can make it. (Frozen margaritas and sombreros at Margarita's are definitely in order.) I have to head to Greenwood on Dec. 2, but I think a trip to Ground Zero Blues Club is in order that night. (And Judith is checking into a midnight tour to Robert Johnson's grave for the afterparty!) And somewhere in December I'm going to have to add in a birthday day celebration with Carol, who shares my birthday (but who has not yet experienced the 30s yet at all, poor girl). And Kathy and I will observe our annual no-kids, no-husbands, just-us-again weekend birthday celebration in Hattiesburg at some time in December. Stay tuned!


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