Tuesday, December 28, 2004

2005 Career Horoscopes

Here's mine for Saggitarius...

You've taken things pretty far up until this point, so why not take a break? Ease up on the career focus in January. Keep up the good work, but try to reclaim some personal time while you're at it. You might need to take the lead if a financial problem pops up, but otherwise you've got smooth sailing ahead. The full Moon of March 25th signals a return to the hustle and bustle; you won't be able to help yourself as you jump back into the swing of things.

You'll feel settled in wherever you are throughout the spring, though it might feel a little weird to not be as restless as usual. Embrace the calm while it lasts! The first week of May will be especially good for you -- you'll feel grounded and really able to tackle any level of work. You're definitely making a name for yourself, probably far beyond the walls of the workplace.

You'll develop an itch for new skills and knowledge as summer rolls around, and it might be a good time to take a class or involve yourself in some pro bono work that expands your horizons. By mid-August at the latest you should know what you want to tackle next and be ready to move toward it full throttle. Business starts picking up dramatically in late September, so be ready to take on more and more work.

As all that work piles up through the fall, you'll need to polish up your work relationships to make sure everyone helps you get it all done. October eclipses will help push you over the edge from friendly to charismatic, so it shouldn't be too hard to keep people happy and attract new business (maybe even poaching from your rivals). The holidays should exceed your expectations and then some!

What's yours?


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