Friday, December 17, 2004

50 mind, body, spirit mistakes (even smart women make)

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1. I breathe deeply all the time and people always think I'm pissed when I do it. But I'm not. I'm just breathing deeply. I've always been a deep breather. It's just who I am.

2. I don't get enough sleep. And I don't sleep well when I do get enough sleep. I'm just damn tired all the time.

3. I've never banned chocolate - I'm OK here.

4. I don't neglect to exercise - unless I get insanely busy, like this week. And even then I try to walk the dog at night. And this is crazy, I know, but I've found a way to fit all of my ab work into the bathtub. If you use the water as your starting point, you don't lean too far back and the ab work is even more intense than on the floor. (The only thing you risk is some very strange looks if anyone barges in on you in the bathtub, which is damn near inevitable at my house.)

5. In the winter, it does feel like I stay indoors all day. I take a walk at night but not enough to make me feel like I've gotten much fresh air. In order to go to the gym in the morning, I work through lunch, so I probably don't get outside much at all since it's dark by 5 p.m. now.

6. I don't eat only fat-free food. (And that's finally a good thing here!)

7. I probably do skimp on calories - but, obviously, not enough!

8. I do sometimes skip breakfast. Not all the time. And when I know I'm going to the gym that morning I always have a granola bar because I will be starving afterward if I don't eat something first. (And my gym is right next to a bagel shop and a doughnut shop - not a good combination.)

9. Never smoked. Couldn't get it right even when I tried. Never could inhale.

10. No comment.(Some things just don't need to be public knowledge.) ;)

11. Don't have more than two drinks most MONTHS.


13. I do regret not pursuing a childhood dream. But, unfortunately, it wasn't the guitar. (You can always go back and do that.)

14. I do socialize with colleagues.

15. I do second-guess myself (and everyone else too).

16. - It's driving me crazy that they skipped right from 15 to 17! 16 is a great number! What happened to 16?

17. I am not just my career. But trying to do all the other things can leave you just as burned out as being burned out by your career. Burnt out is burnt out, after all.

18. I'm getting much better at delegating. Still not a master, yet, but getting there.

19. My office is not noisy (besides when I turny my Sirius satellite radio up loud).

20. I probably don't take enough time off. And when I do take time off it's around my son's school schedule, not always for vacation.

21. I have learned from my parents.

22. I've never ignored friends' advice when it comes to love.

23. I try to set aside "me" time - but it often doesn't work out.

24. I probably am too independent sometimes. But I'm good company.

25. I am quick to criticize.

26. I'm not in an unhealthy relationship.


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