Tuesday, December 28, 2004

And the women revolt

This is what happens when aerobics instructors are holed up over Christmas holidays with all of those fitness magazines. We're in the middle of Brand New Body, which is 45 minutes of weights and toning, when the instructor tells us to get out the 10 lb weights. She then instructs us to put our hands on the weights in the push-up position. (We're all still with her here.) And then she tells us to do one-arm push-ups while lifting the 10-pound weight. The whole class just laughs. (In my over-15 years at the gym, I've never seen an entire class just start laughing when an instructor asks for an exercise.)

She tells us that we have to try this. It's in the November 2004 issue of Men's Journal - something about trainers to the stars and we have to train our muscles for the future tense. (If you build it, they will come, I guess.) But she does it. And she's no 20-year-old sorority girl - she's in her late 40s. And, by golly, if she can do it, I can do it.

Well, my right arm did OK, but when I went to balance on my right arm and lift my left arm, it just wouldn't move. My brain was willing it to move but my body just wouldn't obey.

We all decided she was watching way too much G.I. Janeor something. But now I'm determined to do the damn move just because no one else could do it. I guess I'll be ready for basic training once I have mastered the one-arm pushup with the 10-pound weight! (And I'll always smile every time I remember an entire aerobics class busting out laughing at the new move.)


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