Sunday, December 05, 2004

High-speed Internet service growing in popularity in metro

Link - Jackson-based Air2Lan, a high-speed, wireless Internet service provider, has helped local businesses including Cups connect.A few hotels along I-55 have unfurled banners that announce they carry the technology.And then there are locations like Broad Street Bakery Co. at Banner Hall and Baptist Medical Center on North State Street where folks can go online sans telephone cords in the lobby or on the labor and delivery floor.

At the University of Southern Mississippi (my alma mater), officials have put in place 300 wireless access points rather than rewire buildings on campus. Mississippi State University's entire Starkville campus is also a hot spot. Krystal, a favorite college hangout, says it will soon be providing wireless access in all Mississippi restaurants.

(And here's a directory of free spots in Mississippi. This one looks a bit more comprehensive, but I haven't tested any of the links.)


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