Thursday, December 16, 2004

Party in a box

Tis the season - time for my party in a box. I love New Year's Eve - I think it's even more romantic than Valentine's Day - but I gave up after my son was born. He came on Dec. 27 in 1999 so he's pretty much taken up all of my New Year's Eves since then. (My best friend and I always said we'd be up all night New Year's Eve 1999 - I just never guessed it would be with a colicky baby.)

This "party in a box" is available at Party City (or, I'm sure, any of your local party supply stores). It's for the people like me who have given up on a social life - it has complete party fixings for eight. We have a close couple friend with two kids and we have one and a dog, so that makes our eight. We have champagne. The kids have fake mimosas (orange juice mixed with sparkling grape juice). We put on our hats, toot our horns, wear our leis with pride, eat some Ro-Tel and French dip, do sparklers when it's dark and we're usually in bed way before midnight. But we have ourselves our party in a box - our lives aren't completely over yet.

My friends without children think I'm joking about the party in the box. Just get a babysitter, they say. These childless friends, though, have never called a teenage girl and asked her to give up her New Year's Eve for a mere $50. (They are usually kind enough not to laugh while I'm still on the phone.) Hell, I understand. I was once 18 myself (what seems a longer and longer time ago). I know about the dreaded New Year's Eve babysitting curse. (If you're babysitting at midnight, that's what you'll be doing the rest of the year. What a nightmare!)

I've given up early this year. I'm going this weekend to pick out my party in a box. And I figure if I'm asleep at midnight it will be a blessing - maybe I can get some sleep next year, finally!


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