Friday, December 24, 2004

Silly string environmental concerns

My son got a SpiderMan Web Blaster as a present during our pre-Christmas Coast visit. My mother, whom I love dearly but easily exasperate (and vice versa), started telling Quentin about how he didn't need to throw the toy away because it was going to kill the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea. It was ecologically unsound, etc. etc. All I've found on the toy so far is a warning about how it could irritate eyes and skin. The other articles seem to say that it is usually banned because cities don't want to clean it up - not for any known dangers, besides the vague "environmental concerns" because it's not biodegradable. But do we ban all that is not biodegradable?

In the name of science, I want to find out if it is a real or a pseudo-environmental concern and share it with Quentin. (He's already thrown the toy away to appease his grandmother. In fact, he was ready to throw away all of his Spiderman toys because they were going to kill birds and fish - thus my frustration.)

My mother's arguments stem from silly string being banned from Mardi Gras parades on the Coast and in New Orleans. I noticed that Hollywood banned it for Halloween. They all cite "environmental concerns" but don't really explain what the concerns are. If you know more, please point me in the right direction!


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