Friday, December 17, 2004

Why women love romantic comedies

A great romantic comedy is like a great motivational leave ready to work wonders with your life (romantically). It brings hope back to women whose lives don't have much background music. And it's the damn background music that always gets us in those romantic comedies. Real life has no background music, sadly. (Cueing the orchestra in your head isn't quite the same either.)

And every good romantic comedy has to have some struggle that is overcome, because that's what love is like in the real world. Only the struggles usually aren't as interesting or glamorous. And the work is different and harder. But we don't want to see love without work. We don't trust it.

And honestly, guys, I guess romantic comedies are like our porno for the heart. The guys always say and feel how WE want them to at the end of the movie, regardless of what happened in the beginning or the middle. Romantic comedies are women's hope that there will one day be order restored to the romantic universe. That boy will meet girl and fall in love and live happily ever after, if only at the movie theatre even.


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