Thursday, January 27, 2005

Holmes calls out Foreman

Link - Larry Holmes keeps poking at George Foreman to draw him out. After his first fight, he went home with only $63, and now hopes to make $20 million with Foreman. If not with George, Larry wishes to take a rematch with Evander Holyfield, or attempt to get younger fighters back in the ring like Hasim Rahman or Lennox Lewis.

Larry and “Big George” were scheduled to fight on January 22, 1999 - Foreman’s fiftieth birthday - but the fight was cancelled when time ran out on a contractual stipulation related to financing. (I think we need a little more explanation here. Does this mean they couldn't agree on the money, basically?)

(OK, I have to ask...if Holmes has a Ph.D. in common sense, as the story brags, how the hell did he go home with just $63 after the first fight? It must have been one of those mail-in Web universities.)


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