Friday, January 28, 2005

I made it through my first week...

Well, I made it through my first week of 5 a.m. workouts as of today. I changed gyms because the YMCA had great 5:45 a.m. classes. (I can now take step aerobics three times a week and kickboxing twice a week - at my other gym there were only two morning classes I could take.)

But switching from an all-female gym to the Y has been interesting. In the weight room in the morning, I am literally the only female every morning. The guys have been nice and not made fun of me and my 12 pound weights, though. I'm still getting used to the new weight equipment - but I'll get there. (And it will take me a while to get used to the guys too after three years at Fitness Lady.)

And 5 a.m. is VERY EARLY for me, but it really hasn't been that bad. I have jumped right out of bed every morning. (I'm just dead tired by 8 p.m. And I'm very much looking forward to the weekend. I will NOT be attending any classes before 10 a.m.!)


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