Sunday, January 30, 2005

I don't watch TV at all anymore. But I blog in the living room where my husband is watching TV and he'll tell me to look something up on the Web while he's watching TV.

He kept seeing this ad for and told me to go to the Web site and see what it is. It's a Web site for "vacation advocacy" (otherwise known as Universal Studios Orlando).

And it's really quite clever, I think. They never give away during the commercial who they are. (Usually, someone high up just HAS to have the logo or recognition somewhere for the company after paying the large dollars for the TV commercial.)

The site, aiming to "help people take back the vacations they deserve," says 26% of Americans don't take vacations. Our average annual vacation days are 13, compared to 25 for Japan, 26 for Canada and 28 for Britain. (Italy gets the most with 42 vacation days.)

There's also a Bash the Boss game and a tab for Ideal Vacation...which of course leads you to the Universal Orlando Web site.

Clever and fun...good job.


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