Friday, January 28, 2005

Less sinful than the average person

Shawn, you're less sinful than the average person.

Still, your sinful tendencies are running just below the surface and could start to affect your choices in life. For example, if you aren't careful, your drive to excel at all costs may ultimately be your downfall. Feeling good about your successes might be a gratifying way to acknowledge your work and position in life. Still, you, in particular, should beware of prioritizing your achievements above other things and using them as a way to feel superior to others.

Though you're less sinful than others, this, and the sins you scored highest on can still jeopardize the things that are most important to you. Don't let them.

See which deadly sin you can't resister here. (Warning: This above is all you get unless you pay for the "full" 7 Deadly Sins Report.)

If you spring for the whole report, you get:

* Your scores on each sin
* How to use the 7 virtues to balance your sins
* The history behind the 7 sins


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