Monday, January 31, 2005

The M Sorter = No more brown M&Ms!

Link - Or red ones either! Does anyone remember the red M&Ms cause cancer scare in the 80s? I do...because my best friend kept giving me all the red ones. Red is my favorite color - I thought she was being so sweet. So one day I tell her, "This is so sweet of you to always save the red M&Ms for me. Thank you so much." She says, "You're welcome. But I'm not giving them to you because they are your favorite color. I don't want to eat them because they cause cancer."

Imagine my face here. (And, yes, somehow we are still best friends - and at 35 I have yet to develop cancer. But if I ever do, you can bet I'll be reminding her of these episodes when she's driving me to chemo!)


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