Friday, January 07, 2005

Ron Rubin gives tea tips

Ron Rubin, the Minister of Tea for the Republic of Tea, was interviewed for Cooking Light's Jan/Feb 2005 issue. People in the South love sweet iced tea (it's considered the table wine of the South) but in college I got into hot teas too (not as popular in the South yet but catching on).

Here are some interesting facts from the article:

- Ron's favorite tea is the Republic of Tea's ginger peach. When he's sad he likes Darjeeling nouveau. If he's stressed, he drinks chamomile lemon. When he's dragging, he likes honey ginseng, a green tea.

- Tea lovers should visit Yunnan, China, the birthplace of tea. And we should also see the "verdant hills" of Darjeeling, India.

- The fresher the water, the better the tea will taste. (He prefers filtered, spring or bottled water.)

- For green teas, steep one to three minutes; black tea, two to four; herbal and red teas, three to five. White tea should steep for just 30 to 60 seconds.


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