Friday, February 11, 2005

Blogging and the death of PR - or how Robert Scoble stole my job

Link - The Economist interviews Robert Scoble and sounds yet another death knoll for the field of public relations. It's not dead, folks...just changing. And in my opinion it needed to. But I think that it is changing in ways that aren't being fully acknowledged. It's not the technology - it's the landscape.

What companies need are not Chief Blogging Officers but Chief Reputation Officers - whether they blog or not. The one thing a blog accomplishes is putting a human face on a company - a human face that will be more believable as a "voice" for the company (especially if things turn bad and a human voice is badly needed).

This was a bit shocking:

Mr Scoble himself is careful to make no such sweeping predictions. He thinks that there will always be a place for traditional PR, with its centrally controlled corporate message, alongside the spontaneous cacophony of blogs. Microsoft's official PR boss will not even comment at all on the subject.

A "No comment" from Microsoft's PR boss on the importance of public relations? PR always have a comment. And you have a comment because you get to tell your side of the "story" instead of letting others write it for you.

Once again, blogging is not "new" public relations. Blogging is a tool that all PR practitioners should be including in their communications mix- along with "boring old press releases," of course.


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