Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cell Socket

Link - We recently clipped our land line and went to two cell phones on a family plan. But I do miss the feel of a real phone on my ear, at times. The Cell Socket seems to solve that problem (but I'm not yet convinced that it would be worth $99.95 to me - I'll have to think about that).

Connect the Cellsocket to any standard telephone. Drop your cell phone into the Cellsocket, and start making and receiving phone calls from any desktop, cordless, or extension phone in your home or office using your wireless phone service!

Update: The decision has been wrested from me. The Cell Socket only works on Motorola phones...but it's still a neat idea. (I still say they need to rethink their price point. $49.95 I wouldn't have to think about it at all - $99.95, I'm pondering.)


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