Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Do you have an office wife (or husband)?

Link - This story was intriguing to me because I don't think I've every had an office husband. This is strange for me because outside of work I tend to "connect" more with men than with women. But at work, I generally connect more with women than with men.

There was once a guy who reported to me that was obviously enamored, and I was puzzled. I was married, and I must admit I'm just not used to having men being enamored (maybe it has something to do with being married!). ;)

So I tried to ignore it, and it did go away on its own when he found someone else to amuse him. But one day, he called in sick and we had a deadline on a project I had to finish. He told me to look on his desk and there would be a notebook with notes on the project. The trouble was he was an artist and there were notebooks and sketchbooks everywhere. I opened one notebook and found a nude sketch of myself lounging on a divan like a pre-Raphaelite woman. I was stunned. Stunned by the picture. Stunned by the likeness (considering he'd never seen me naked).

Shortly after that, I set him up with the woman he's now married to. (I promise there was no agenda in this set-up.) And they all lived happily ever after, forever and ever, amen.

But it did leave an impression. And it showed how easy it is to wrap yourself up in someone that you see every day. And how hard it is for some to separate personal and workplace thoughts.


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