Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial

Since almost all of my hits today have been from Go Daddy actress searches, out of gratitude I have posted additional information.

I read an article somewhere today about how sophomoric most attempts at search engine marketing are, even today. I would suggest that part of this is because of the success of the absolute novices like me who stumble upon success. I did not want to be a "Go Daddy" hit, but yet there I am in THE FIRST FIVE links on Yahoo and Google for "actress in the Go Daddy commercial." (without the quotes though) The search engine power of blogs indeed! All of this just from me naming Go Daddy's the Most Outrageous Commercial. And don't miss my Super Bowl Wrap-Up here. ;)

Out of gratitude to the busty actress who was in desperate need of a turtleneck...

* View the commercial that showed during the Super Bowl and the one that was censored here.

* Bob Parsons' blog (CEO of Go Daddy) is here.

* So far the only thing I've found on the actress is she's the official "Go Daddy Girl." No name yet, sorry. It just says she's a "woman in her mid-20s."

* GoDaddy's ad agency is The Ad Store. Hey, maybe they know the actress, you determined males out there. Their phone number is 202.342.0222. (And someone please tell them that Flash sites are so yesterday. You CAN'T SEARCH a Flash document.)

* If the ad agency phone call doesn't get you a name and a phone number, their PR firm is Ruder Finn. Their headquarters phone number is 212.593.6423.

* Go Daddy was the lead-in for a Super Bowl article written by Allison Fass in the recent edition of Forbes. As part of the article, they also published a photo (different from the one in The New York Times) . The article is on page 50 of the February 14 edition, and is called “Super Pricey.” To see Allison’s article on-line (without the photo), you will need to sign up for Forbes on-line -- but again, it’s free. The article is at http://www.forbes.com/business/forbes/2005/0214/050.html.

* Go Daddy New York Time's article: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/26/business/media/26adco.html

* From Parsons' blog: There's already been commentary that our second ad was submitted to Fox, for the sole purpose of getting it rejected, so that we would benefit from internet buzz. While I do hope that we benefit from some buzz from the rejected ad, nothing could be further from the truth. To confirm this, all you need to do is to take a look at the rejected ad, and while it's very funny (in my humble opinion), it really contains nothing that should have caused it to be rejected. Is it a bit edgy? Yes, just a little. But it is not overtly sexual in any way, and contains nothing that we don't already see from football and basketball cheerleaders or every day on television. So check it out, and you be the judge.

* Parsons on Why GoDaddy? (because I know y'all won't read all the way to the bottom of the blog): The one thing we knew for sure was that no one would remember a name like Jomax Technologies. So we decided to dig in and try to come up with a better name. We worked for about a week and came up with nothing we liked. Then one day our new name literally fell out of the sky. Barbara Rechterman (my right hand person to this very day) and I were in my office. Someone said “How about Big Daddy?” A quick check revealed that it was taken. Then I said “How about Go Daddy?” And by golly, the name was available, so we bought it.


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