Saturday, February 26, 2005

I Like Your Heart

On our way back to Jackson from Birmingham, we stopped in Tuscaloosa to refuel and restock my cough drop supply. (What a lovely business trip!) As I'm approaching the check-out counter, a college-age looking guy says to me is what I think is "I like your harp." I look at him quizzically. And he says, "I like your HEART!"

I'm thinking "Thank you, kindly, sir, but how do you know anything about my heart?" when he finally breaks down and points exasparatingly to the crystal heart pin I'm wearing and says a little louder (like my hearing was the problem, not my comprehension) "I LIKE YOUR HEART!"

Thank you, I say. (I'm guessing he did not give another woman a compliment the rest of the day, poor boy.)


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