Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's all about you: Spa treatment is everywhere

Link - Including my personal favorite:

A sexuality-enhancing spa stay just for women. Cooking schools turn out better chefs; tennis camps tune up the old serve-and-volley. The new "Awakening Aphrodite" at the Miraval spa near Tucson aims to put women in touch with their sexuality and improve lovemaking skills. Taught by a female physician/sex therapist, the session, which runs May 1-5, includes classes in sensual exercising, "pelvic awakening" and opening a man to pleasure. Cost is $3,421 for a single and $2,916 for a double, including all classes, lodging, meals and some spa treatments. Information: 800-232-3969;

Spas have gone mainstream - there is now a spa for everyone (and every woman). But I was hoping it was taught by a Fabio type...not a female physician. Somehow I've lost interest now.


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