Sunday, February 06, 2005

I've been "filtered"!

Link - Imagine my surprise on Super Bowl Sunday morning when I'm reading my NewsGator feeds bleary-eyed after finishing the Sunday paper, when I roll over a link from Metafilter and find a link to my page there...

If you were going to invite 10 bloggers for dinner, whom would you invite? John, of J-Walk Blog decided to start this new parlor game for bloggers. I tripped across it in the 1/31/05 post on Reality Carnival. It's a pretty good way to find the bloggers that the most fascinating bloggers find most fascinating. (Did that make sense?) The best bloggers define their own personal Best of the Web. [Warning- proceed only if you have several hours to kill!]posted by Doohickie at 9:36 PM PST (12 comments total) ( )

I'm the "invite 10 blog" link above. So far this morning alone, 200 people have visited my blog from Metafilter. Kind of scary - I would've cleaned up if I would've known I had company coming!

(And the comments on Metafilter about the posting are great too.)


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