Saturday, February 19, 2005

Me Against the Music

There are some professions that we all know probably have a very short shelf life in this day and agent, insurance agent, [insert agent middle man here], but DJ? Whoulda thunk it?

94.7 here in Jackson recently changed to JACK FM...playing what we want. And they must have settled into town because they finally got rid of the Yankee voices praising Jack's great taste in music and actually have some "y'all"s in there.

I assumed "Jack" was used in stations nationwide, but had to do a little research when I got home tonight. (Yet another weekend spent on the road - this time a birthday celebration in Amite, LA. After my trip next week to Birmingham for work, I plan on parking myself until my trip to San Antonio at the end of March.)

I just didn't know how much Jack got around. Or "Cadillac Jack" Garret I guess I should call him (aka Bob Perry, according to the Web site). Jack even has a blog (alas, with only one post and 39 comments...but hey, that Jack does what he wants). Jack has many ardent lovers according to his comments (Spare White Guy even offers to help Jack upgrade his blog from Blogger basics).

The most intriguing thing about Jack to me (the radio station, not the imaginary man) is the almost open celebration of the loss of the DJ. No apologies. No regrets. No DJs. A celebration of a lack of chatter.

So in the end, will it come down to DJs against the music?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy, Shawn...first thing...two "T"s in Garrett.

Glad you're digging JACK in Jackson!

I was googling around and thought I'd stop off at your blog.

JACK likes DJs...but sometimes you just end up sitting there with the monitor speakers cranked, playing a bunch of songs and forget to open the mic. Happens to me all the time!


11:11 PM  

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