Sunday, February 20, 2005

Meet the Tom Peters for the Britney Spears generation

Link - L. Vaughan Spencer, a "gangsta motivator" or L-Vo, as he prefers, is the alter ego of Neil Mullarkey, a British comedian who masquerades as a shady motivational speaker.

L-Vo began in an improv comedy troupe Mullarkey founded with Mike Myers (aka Austin Powers, where Mullarkey had a cameo as the quartermaster clerk) in 1985. He created a workshop designed to draw out executives' creative side that landed big corporate clients. He began parodying the self-help gurus - and executives loved it.

L-Vo preaches such techniques as letterology (like numerology but with letters), Tong Shui (the art of being at one with your hair) and the importance of moisturizer ("If you have the right moisturizer, then you're guaranteed success.").

His Web site also lists his books, including The Tao of Shaving and Succeed in Just Seven Days.

L-Vo's bottom line message: "Don't trust these people. Trust in yourself."


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