Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My crockpot pork roast

I made this last night. It's a family favorite and quick and easy.

Pick the vegetables that you like and put them in the crockpot on the bottom. I use baby potatoes, baby carrots, mushrooms, pearl onions and celery. You will place the pork roast on top of the vegetables.

Get about a three-pound pork roast (I usually buy the Boston Butt). You can either place a little olive oil in a Dutch oven or rub oil over the roast. Then pat the spices you like in all over the roast. (I use parsley, oregano, basil, lemon pepper and a little bit of sage.) Get the Dutch oven hot and brown the roast on all sides. (If the Dutch oven is hot, you get almost a blackened effect on the roast - the spices are crusted onto the roast.)

Put the roast on top of the vegetables and cook in the crockpot for 10 to 12 hours on low.


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