Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sagittarius: Career Profile

The freewheeling, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius is a good person to have on the sales team -- they'll probably get the order, and with any luck that'll be before they unintentionally insult the client! Sagittarians like to have fun smiling and laughing with colleagues; they tend to feel as if Lady Luck is on their side. They are also passionate about what they believe in and, as befits a Fire Sign, will work doggedly for their causes. The Archer is a good team player who can plot the course ahead with broad brushstrokes and convince everyone around that it's the way to go.

The most important Sagittarian quality may be hope. If you're on a sinking ship, pray that a Sagittarian is on board! These positive, optimistic people can do wonders with something they believe in, which makes them ideal for turnaround or public service situations. They also need freedom and plenty of room to roam. The Archer is adept in social situations and insatiably curious. Knowledge is power to those born under this Sign, which makes them excellent researchers. What to do with all this information? Put it to work, of course! There's lots to be done where the Archer is concerned.

Travel is the Archer's middle name, and this isn't restricted to a wandering mind. While Sagittarians love to philosophise, they also like to hit the road and visit exciting lands filled with exotic strangers. They won't be strange for long, though, since the Archer connects easily with people and will quickly learn everything about them. This can be a double-edged sword -- Sagittarians tend to look at the big picture and neglect important details. An efficient aide de camp is essential for the macro-wired Archer.

The Sagittarius office is often no more than an address, since the Archer would rather be elsewhere. When they hit the road, it will probably be in a '50s era boat of a car, fins included.
Sagittarians are well-suited to careers as travel agents, explorers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, import-export traders and thrill-seekers.

(Hey, I do have a '66 Mustang GT convertible...maybe there's a grain of truth in here. As much as I hate to admit it, there's not a statement above that's not fairly accurate.)

What's your sun sign career profile?


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