Sunday, February 06, 2005

Shawn's Super Bowl Halftime Report

It might be the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese New Year, but this Super Bowl XXXIX is definitely the Year of the Monkey for Super Bowl commercials. Monkeys are everywhere! Monkeys with bananas. Monkeys at work. Monkeying around.

Best commercial so far - Ford Truck (the Harley gang commercial)

Worst local commercial - Honda of Brookhaven

Most original commercial - FedEx Kinko's

Best cinematography - Cellular South

Cutest football player - Tom Brady

Cutest cheerleaders - New England Patriots (by default, the only ones they've shown so far)

Cutest coach - New England Patriots

Movies advertised - House, XXX, Constantine, The Pacifier, The Longest Yard, Hitch, Be Cool, Batman Begins

Best Catch - Pinkston (Philadelphia Eagles)

Best Run - Dillon (New England Patriots)

Best Butt - Smith (Philadelphia Eagles)

Best Car Commercial - Cadillac (close runner-up Ford Mustang convertible)

The Killer Combo (cute face AND butt) - David Givens

Strangest Commercial - SileStone, "I am Diana Pearl" featuring Dennis Rodman

Saddest Commercial - KFC's Bring Back Dinner

Most outrageous commercial - (May I suggest a turtleneck?)

Most stylish uniforms: Philadelphia Eagles

Web sites featured - (McDonald's),,, (Volvo),,, (locally)

Celebrities spotted on commercials - P. Diddy, Cindy Crawford, Gwen Stefani, Dennis Rodman, Mike Ditka

Celebrities spotted at game: Will Smith, Alicia Keys, Jeff Gordon, Paul McCartney, Michael Douglas


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