Sunday, February 06, 2005

Shawn's Super Bowl Wrap-Up (2nd half)

I did miss the Tabasco commercial while taking the dog for a walk during halftime. My husband said it was a good commercial, but it involved a girl in a bikini so I'm not taking his word for it.

Best commercials of whole game - Honda truck (with Harley gang), Bud Light (parachuters in plane), FedEx Kinko's (what it takes for a great Super Bowl commercial), Bud Light (fantasy commercial), Degree deodorant (Momma's Boy doll)

Most patriotic commercial - Anheuser-Busch

Best use of client's advertising dollars award - Napster to Go (short, sweet, make your point, leave)

Best Run - T. Brown, New England Patriots (even though it got recalled because of a team member's foul)

Strangest tagline - Ameriquest's "Don't judge too quickly."

Movies advertised - War of the Worlds

Cutest cheerleaders and cheerleader outfits (probably connected somehow) - Philadelphia Eagles

Celebrities in commercials - Kid Rock, Christina Aguilera, Shaquille O'Neill

Best Catch - Brian Westbrook (Philadelphia Eagles)

Best Drive - Philadelphia Eagles, 3rd quarter

Worst Drive - Philadelphia Eagles, 4th quarter

Best fake - New England Patriots

Best trivia - First Super Bowl tied in fourth quarter

Web sites advertised -,,,,

Hoss Award & Best Jersey Number - #69, Philadelphia Eagles

Best blitz - Darwin Walker

Worst Mistake (& Best Acknowledgement of Mistake) - Donovan McNabb

Cutest commentator - Troy Aikman


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