Thursday, February 10, 2005

Show me your tits...or why search engine marketing is still sophomoric

Continuing on my thread of why search engine marketing is still sophomoric as I've read recently...

I think it's going to remain fairly sophomoric because the "searchers" are still in diapers. For example, today my blog was a hit for this search from Yahoo:

new orleans marta gras breast pictures

The searcher is obviously looking for MARDI Gras pictures. If he (or she, I suppose) were from the area or familiar with Mardi Gras, he (theoretically) would know the "official" phrase is "Show me your tits." If I do a search on Google (my preferred search engine) of [+"Show me your tits" Mardi Gras], then I find what he was looking for. (Not my blog, where Marta is referred to for her part in a local symphony orchestra!) Or better yet, he could do a search on for Mardi Gras pictures. I didn't have to look too long to find this shocking photo!

My point is that I think that sometimes we immediately think that "advanced" is better, but you gotta match the media to the mentality too.

Happy Mardi Gras to that you've recovered! ;)


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