Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sideways is a bit sideways

While in Birmingham, I used my night out of town to go see a movie without dragons, robots or animation. We went to the 10 p.m. showing of Sideways. One of us (not me, of course) fell asleep during the movie...two or three times, and snored loudly.

With all of the raves and Oscar nominations, I thought it had to be great. It was mediocre. And I'm especially surprised that the screenplay is up for the top award. The comedy was all situational - not much clever writing. It was like it tried to be a new kind of Woody Allen movie for the early 40s set and it just fell flat in some spots.

I will say that the last half is better than the first half, so if you can make it through the first half without sleeping (unlike Melissa), you will enjoy the last half.

I don't see how it's making everyone want to go on a wine tour. The scenery was not that beautiful and the wineries shown in the film didn't look much different than Joe's Fish Shack or some other generic restaurant. It made me want to learn more about wine (and it definitely made me feel like I'd drank a few bottles myself) but it didn't make me want to take a Sideways tour, as so many are obviously doing.


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