Friday, February 11, 2005

This song is making me scream...

Billy Idol has a new song out, Scream. And the beat is similar to the 80s ones - that's fine. It sounds good. But the lyrics are driving me crazy.

Oooh yeah...You can fill my cup
You can fill my bowl
This train is ready to roll
Your eyes of fire has stole my soul
Still coming back for more

You are the lock I am the key
Climb on my lemon tree

Have a slice of my lemon pie
One more will get you high
You wanna know, you wanna see
How much you can squeeze

You are the one,You are a tease
You love my demon seed
You know just what I mean
Climb on my lemon

Am I the only one confused by all the sexual connotations for lemons here? I understand cherry pie, and even apple pie...but a lemon tree?

I did find this bit of information (in a strange article about masturbation):

A lemon tree completes its development when its first harvest, seed, fruit ripens. If somebody ignorant of these processes of development, occurs to pick the lemons which are not ripe yet, the ones of the first harvest, the life of the tree is atrophied by his picking the seeds before its ripening, before the tree's completing its development.

Somehow, I don't think this is what Billy Idol was referring to. ;)


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