Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blog diet

I had to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with myself recently. It went well, thank goodness.

At the conclusion, my self and I both agreed that I was attempting to read WAAAYYY too many blogs to be a productive employee, an attentive spouse and/or an engaged parent. (But, but, but, I whined. These blogs can make me a better employee, a more interesting spouse and a better parent. And I'll be well read, at the least.)

Enough is enough, I told my self. You have to draw the line somewhere. Now go in there and get rid of 2/3 of those feeds. My self sulked, but did as told.

Today, I feel lighter. Like after a haircut when I let me hair get really long. Like losing 10 pounds overnight. I recommend it...I really do. Go on a blog diet! (Just don't cut mine out, of course.) ;)


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