Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Couple cooks up beer with a Southern accent

Link - The Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company is foaming over with anticipation this week, as the owners prepare to ship their first batch of Southern-crafted ale.

The locally owned and operated microbrewery near Stennis International Airport will start by shipping 30 barrels - 1,000 gallons - of its specialty beers to South Mississippi restaurants sometime this week, and eventually to other parts of the region.

Lazy Magnolia will brew and package the beer in Hancock County and FEB Distributing in Gulfport will ship it. Because it is a microbrewery (as opposed to a brewpub, which may sell only individual servings) state law prohibits Lazy Magnolia from selling directly to consumers.

For now, the microbrewery will rely on word-of-mouth advertising, but if enough customers ask for it by name, Henderson said, bars and restaurants will soon be making keg space for Lazy Magnolia.

The lineup

A look at the four flagship beers on the Lazy Magnolia menu.

Par 3: An American-style wheat beer with a clean, crisp character. Smooth and clean flavored, this workingman's beer is cold filtered to preserve flavor and freshness. Sparkling bright and low-calorie.

Blue Heron: A wheat beer in the classic style. This naturally cloudy beer has clove and banana esters and a smooth finish. Best served with a squeeze of lemon.

Amberjaque: A light amber ale made with pale malts, rye, and caramel malts. The aroma hops provide a hint of spice, but there is no bitterness in this beer.

Southern Pecan: The original pecan beer. The conventional wisdom is nuts and beer don't mix. Not so. Smooth and mild with a malty sweetness accentuated by a rich finish.


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