Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dot-com jester gets serious with online ad service

Link - When the dot-com bubble burst, Philip J. Kaplan made money mocking the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who flushed away billions of dollars.
The fun began with a scathing Web site,, or FC, and continued with a bawdy book that mused upon the era's many follies.

Now, one of the Internet's best-known jesters is getting serious. As chief executive of a rapidly growing startup called AdBrite, Kaplan hopes to disrupt the status quo and strike it rich, just like all the dot-com dreamers he once ridiculed mercilessly.

Kaplan, 29, moved to San Francisco from New York late last year, planting AdBrite and its 15 employees in the same neighborhood that became a dot-com graveyard a few years ago.

"If you are going to be a movie star, you have to go to Hollywood, and if you are going to try to build an Internet business, you have to be in Silicon Valley,'' Kaplan said.


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