Saturday, March 19, 2005

First in flight

On my first Southwest flight, from Jackson to Houston, I sat in the very back row next to a woman and her son (from Vicksburg) flying to Las Vegas. (Everybody was going to Vegas we met last week.) It was the boy's first flight. He was about 10 years old. I enjoyed experiencing his first flight with him (except for the fact that I sat in the very last row of the plane). Southwest lesson: Don't sit in the back row. The passenger in front of you can lean his seat back but your seat is against a wall and therefore cannot lean back.

And the flight was fine, but I thought they would be funnier. I guess I was expecting a mini stand-up routine or something. Everyone always talks about how funny they are - but I got a nice but somber crew from Jackson to Houston. Luckily, the Houston to San Antonio crew were a little livelier, more what I expected. But the Jackson crew needs some comedy tips!

My son has been begging to go on a plane ride with me. He doesn't yet understand though that planes go somewhere. He thinks of it more like an amusement park ride - get on, get off, you're done. Since my husband won't fly, I'll have to figure out where Quentin and I will go on our promised adventure. Hopefully his first flight will be as exciting to him as the boy next to me. (And I hope he had great time in Vegas too!)


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