Thursday, March 10, 2005

An invitation to Art

Link - Diverse works by a dozen Mississippi artists go on display Saturday at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Curated by New York-based independent curator and writer Elizabeth Ferrer, the provocative show runs the gamut of art — including painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, sculpture and ceramics.

Selection of artists was an open process, from slides submitted by artists, followed by more than 20 studio visits.

Installations by Lee Renninger and Jeff Schmuki, Gulfport ceramic artists who are husband and wife, command corners of two separate galleries.

Glennray Tutor's hyper-realistic still lifes of fireworks and soda bottles crackle with brilliant hues and bright, intricate labels. But the fireworks straddle the fence between toy and weapon, sinister in their sterile and outsized depiction.

Works by S.L. Dickey use an altarpiece-like construction for moral, social and spiritual plays, such as Condemned to Live. Juxtaposed images of a solder with a bum parachute, a reclining woman and peeping man and a central figure divining an "Outlook not so good" message from the innards of a Magic 8 ball conjure a lively narrative.

The show also includes artists Van Bankston, Martha Ferris, Marita Gootee, Clive William Pates, Kevin L. Turner and others.


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