Sunday, March 13, 2005

Money in for Anderson documentary

All funding is now in place to complete a documentary about Walter Anderson that's been in the works since mid-2003. New Orleans independent filmmakers Winston Riley and David Wolf began work in August 2003 on Walter Anderson: Realizations of an Artist and used their own equipment, conducted interviews and gathered research in their spare time. A segment of the biography was previewed at the Walter Anderson Museum in September 2004.

The production also contains footage of Oldfields, the plantation home of Anderson's wife's family, in Gautier.

Funding came from the Walter Anderson family, the Mississippi Humanities Council, The Booth Bricker Fund, the Mississippi Arts Council, the Reilly Foundation, the Mississippi Film Commission, Dr. & Mrs. Donald Bradburn, the Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation, personal donations, John Mullen of Dallas and The Hamptons, with assistance from museum staffs in the grant-seeking process.

Upon completion, the film will be offered to Public Broadcast Services for a "hard feed" that will provide the opportunity to present it to every PBS station and affiliate nationwide. The work will premiere simultaneously in Ocean Springs and New Orleans in a date to be announced later.


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